Brouwer Hay Deliveries Ltd.

Consistent Delivery Every 14 Days

Brouwer Hay Deliveries Ltd. has a formidable reputation in the Canadian hay business for many years.  From selecting quality Canadian hay, delivering it to Florida, to our excellent customer service; Brouwer Hay Deliveries provide the best complete hay delivery. We know what horses like!

Derek Brouwer is the farmer that makes all of the Canadian Hay. He lives in Ontario Canada with his wife Marie and daughter Aleta (3) son Darren (1) and baby Stacey. If you would like to learn more about the selection of hay we carry,                                                                                            please call Derek at 1-519-716-2378

David Virgin is the Sales & Distribution contact. He is the face you will meet when you pick up your hay in Florida. Please call David to arrange a delivery!      321-626-4633